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My round up of the IWA World Water Congress

The beautiful city of Lisbon, Portugal, provided the perfect backdrop for my first International Water Association World Water Congress. Over 5,000 delegates attended from all around the world marking this important event for networking, dissemination and progressing towards sustainable water management goals.

Keynote presentation and workshops covered a broad range of topics, however it was the specialist group meetings where the real networking and decision making behind the future work programmes for IWA took place.

IWA Efficient Urban Water Management Specialist Group Meetings I attended the IWA EUWM Specialist Group meetings and was voted on to the management committee. The key upcoming event is the IWA conference on Water Efficiency and Performance Assessment of Water services, to be held in Cincinnati USA April 20-24 2015. Abstract deadline extended until November 15th.

I will be leading a specialist group project and below is a call for input on the steering group:

Strategic P…

IWA Lisbon 2014 World Water Congress

The International Water Association World Water Congress 2014 begins Sunday 21 September. I'm attending to participate in the Efficient Urban Water Management Specialist Group meetings as well as the broader programme.  Efficient water management will continue to be essential to meet pressures on water resources from climate change and population growth.

Open Specialist Group Meeting Lisbon 2014 
The Open Efficient SG meeting takes place 13:30 to 15:00 in room 0.06. This is an excellent opportunity for IWA Young Water Professionals to learn more about the group and get involved. Additionally the group will be discussing the 2015 conference in Cincinnati USA and  future strategic programme.

What next?
I'll be writing on some of the outcomes from the specialist group meeting, key sessions at the conference and a field trip.

First post

Moving from twitter I felt the need for more space to write down my thoughts on water issues and share these.

As I start I'm posting links to my 'official' posts for Ricardo-AEA:

Are we getting more water sensitive?Water-energy-food nexus of bioenergy and biofuels in the UKCatchment and water sensitive approaches for Chaohu lakeLessons from Water Management in France I plan to use this blog to publish thoughts from events and conferences as I go before drawing them together in official blogs, articles etc.