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What are the green infrastructure and water management opportunities within the London Infrastructure Plan 2050?

Reposted from Ricardo-AEA blog - originally published 9 December 2014

Cities are key to sustainable development and the Greater London Authority’s (GLA) consultation on a London Infrastructure 2050 plan provides an opportunity for this world city to provide a leading role. I love living in London, however travelling throughout the world I see many approaches that we can adopt. This would help London meet the challenges of population growth (the city’s population is set to grow 37% to 11.3 million people by 2050) and climate change, adapting to and mitigating against threats such as flooding.

Green Infrastructure – a water sensitive city
I was introduced to this concept in Melbourne Australia and promoted it through work in Wales and now through work internationally. The transition to water sensitive cities is supported through the delivery of Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD).

WSUD is the process of planning and engineering the built environment through urban design to integrate with…